Website Design

A good website tells a compelling story. What’s yours?

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most common CMS on the internet. With over 9 years of WordPress experience, we can manage your WordPress website and make sure your plugins are secure and up to date.


We are Shopify Partners and know what it takes to get a site up and running. Is your Shopify site already online? Sign up for a monthly support package so we can help you when you need it.

Website Support

Spend time working on your business instead of in your business. Partner with Solheim Tech to manage your website support. Everything from text and image changes to security.


Once your website looks great, it needs to be found online. Search Engine Optimization gets your newly designed website the traffic it deserves, by properly utilizing keywords and tags.

Responsive Web Design

Websites need to be great looking on Desktops, Smart Phones, and Tablets. At Solheim Technologies we make sure that our clients’ websites look great everywhere.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We help business owners get the technical stuff out of the way, so that they can focus on the revenue generating actions their company needs.

WordPress Websites

Getting your website up and running doesn’t need to break the bank. Learn how one of our clients tripled their income in 3 months with our WordPress Website & Business Consulting.

Solheim Technologies manages more than 60 websites.

The Solheim Technologies Team manages our clients’ websites, apps, SEO, SMM, and much more every month. We have worked on over 500 projects since 2012 ranging from Forbes 100 companies to local small businesses down the street.

Our Work

In addition to more than 60 managed websites, we have completed hundreds of technology consulting projects.

Monthly Managed Sites

Completed Projects

Years in Business

Projects in Development

Our Latest Projects

Take a look at some of our projects that we’ve completed in the last few years. If you need to see something more specific, contact us.

What People are Saying

Here are some businesses that have partnered with us in the past.

Our Process & Workflow.

We use the same process everytime for each project we manage, which creates predictable scalable results for our customers.

Your business website is the center of your online visibility. Let’s make it something you are proud of.

Project Research

Before we get started, we learn about your company and project.


Once we have learned about your project requirements, we send an actionable proposal.


Once the proposal has been signed, we begin the design process using your tastes.


Development takes place after we have the design work completed.


Development takes place after we have the design work completed.


Once the project is live, that’s when we begin the final phase: support.

Let’s Work Together

Never worry about your technology needs again, by partnering with a company that cares. Solheim Technologies has done work for technology companies such as Apple, GoDaddy, and knows what it takes to make your business succeed in this competitive business landscape.

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