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David and Angela met in high school, and our relationship can be pretty much summed up as “high school sweethearts”. In June 2012 we were married, and our first daughter arrived in August 2014.

While we were living with Angela’s parents in 2014, we started a company called Global Web Pros, servicing websites and offering technology support. Over the years we were getting feedback that our clients had other tech companies managing their computer systems, email, and other systems, so we decided that we needed to change our name.

In January 2020 we rebranded to Solheim Technologies, and have been loving the refreshed image.

We are currently living in San Tan Valley, Arizona with our 2 daughters and son, and enjoy spending time together as a family. As always, we are here to help, whether that is in-person or remotely.


  • Business Technology Consulting 100% 100%
  • Website Development 97% 97%
  • Computer & IT Services 92% 92%
  • Customer Happiness 95% 95%

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