shutterstock_207086488When considering the protection of your business’s online reputation, there are several factors to take into account—probably more than you realize. As you might guess, a big factor to take into consideration is the performance of your competitors. To get an idea of what you’re up against, it’s essential to monitor the performance of your competition, and from there, you can get ideas of what you need to improve on to come out ahead. With Reputation Shield, monitoring your competition on a number of levels is easier than ever before! In order to better explain how Reputation Shield’s Competition feature works, we’ll be using the example of Olive Garden’s profile on the software. Reputation Shield - CompetitionEssentially, the Competition tab allows you to see how your overall online performance compares with that of your competitors’. Reputation Shield allows you to enter up to three major competitors into the system, as well as three different service categories performed by your business. Looking at the pie charts shown in Olive Garden’s profile at the top of the page, you can see that Carrabba’s has been entered as the competitor, and the service categories listed are “Restaurant” and “Italian Restaurant.” Basically, these two charts represent how often Olive Garden comes up in search results—compared with their competitor, Carrabba’s—when people type relevant keywords into a search engine; which in this case are Restaurant and Italian Restaurant. You can see that, for both keywords, Olive Garden shows up on more pages than Carrabba’s does. Below these pie charts, you can see a window entitled Social Audience. This shows a graph depicting Olive Garden’s growth in terms of likes, followers, and check-ins over 30 days. This graph takes several different social media sites into account—in this case, Olive Garden’s sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. This graph compares your growth to that of your competitors as well. The Overview tab allows you to see your combined growth in terms of numbers of likes, followers, and check-ins. Clicking on any of the specific social media tabs will allow you to see your growth in just that one area. Monitoring your competition is an important part of keeping your business’s reputation top-notch. That’s why, with Reputation Shield, you can easily keep an eye on your competition to help ensure your business’s success!