Voices of Christmas

Voices of Christmas

Challenge: Voices of Christmas, a 501(c)(3) choir organization with a religious focus, needed to connect with a broader audience to share their musical message and drive donations for their charitable endeavors. The main challenge was to build an online presence that encapsulated the spirit of their mission while offering streamlined options for ticketing, event calendars, and donation processing.

Services Provided:

  • WordPress Website Development Using Divi Theme
  • 501(c)(3) Compliant Online Donation Setup

Technical Insights: Employing WordPress and the Divi theme, we crafted a website that encapsulates the heartfelt ethos of Voices of Christmas. Using Divi’s advanced modules, we were able to create compelling multimedia sections that featured recordings of past performances, testimonials from community members, and a detailed history of the choir’s charitable activities.

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