ShowTime Auto Glass

ShowTime Auto Glass

Challenge: ShowTime Auto Glass specializes in providing prompt and reliable auto glass repair and replacement services. The key challenge for them was to quickly connect with distressed drivers seeking immediate assistance. This required a website that was not only fast-loading and efficient but also responsive to the needs of mobile users. Given that most of their potential customers would be searching for help via smartphones, mobile-responsiveness was absolutely critical.

Services Provided:

  • WordPress Website Development Using Divi Theme
  • SEO Optimization Geared Toward Mobile and Local Search
  • Business Strategy
  • PPC Campaigns Targeting High-Urgency Keywords

Technical Insights: Using WordPress coupled with the Divi theme, we crafted a website design that was highly mobile-friendly. We took advantage of Divi’s responsive design capabilities, including a flexible grid system and customizable modules, to create a layout that looks excellent on screens of all sizes. Large, easy-to-tap buttons and streamlined navigation menus were integrated to facilitate quick actions, especially crucial for users in stressful situations.

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