Music and the Message

Music and the Message

Challenge: Music and the Message is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a vital mission: to raise awareness about child trafficking through the universal language of music. The organization required an online platform that could serve as a hub for both awareness-raising and fundraising efforts. The major challenges included ensuring the website complied with 501(c)(3) regulations for online donations, presenting sensitive topics in a responsible manner, and creating a secure environment for supporters to engage with the cause.

Services Provided:

  • WordPress Website Development Using Divi Theme
  • 501(c)(3) Compliant Online Donation System
    Resources and Blog Section Focused on Awareness and Education

Technical Insights: Utilizing WordPress and the Divi theme, we created a website that was both emotionally resonant and highly functional. Divi’s diverse range of modules allowed us to design areas dedicated to storytelling, educational resources, survivor testimonies, and upcoming events. The design aesthetics were carefully chosen to be respectful and impactful, avoiding any imagery or content that could be triggering.

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