LuciaChia’s Community of Discovery

LuciaChia's Community of Discovery

Challenge: LuciaChia’s Community of Discovery, a consultancy aimed at guiding Christian communities through spiritual and organizational growth, sought to establish a strong online presence. The main challenge was to create a platform that seamlessly merges professional consultancy offerings with religious and spiritual content, while also providing educational resources, event information, and online consultancy bookings.

Services Provided:

  • Custom WordPress Website Using Divi Theme
  • Online Booking System for Consultancy Services
  • Content Strategy Centered Around Christian Values
  • SEO Optimized for Religious Consultancy and Educational Keywords

Technical Insights: Leveraging the Divi theme on WordPress, we designed a website that balances a professional demeanor with spiritual undertones. Utilizing Divi’s dynamic modules, we set up dedicated sections for consultancy services, educational resources, blog posts, and client testimonials. The color scheme and typography were carefully selected to resonate with both corporate and spiritual sensibilities.

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