Web Design

Your website is your outward expression of your core company values. If your website is poorly constructed, or isn’t mobile responsive, it will affect your conversion rate. At Solheim Technologies, we take great care in making sure that every website we build is beautiful on every device, and shows the world how great your company really is.

Fully Responsive

The websites we build are fully responsive, which means no matter what device your clients are using, they will be seeing the very best of you.

SEO Friendly

SEO is a tricky thing, which is why our websites use best on page SEO practices. Get found online.

Quick Updates

Update requests are usually fulfilled within 72 hours. We believe a website is never “finished”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?
We never ask you to sign a contract when you purchase a website. We believe that it is our job to earn your business. We will never stop making changes until you love it, and we can promise you that you will.
Will people be able to find me on Google?
Absolutely! We guarantee that people will be able to find you by searching for your business on Google. We can offer more in depth keyword targeting as well with a Content Marketing campaign.
Do I get to choose the design of the website?
Yes! We create 3 Mockup Home Pages and give them to you to review. You choose the style you like the best, and we create your website to match that style.
Can I upgrade my website package at a later date?
Yes you can. All you have to pay is the difference in the cost between the packages:

  • Silver – > Gold upgrade is $1,100
  • Gold – > Platinum upgrade is $1500
  • Silver – > Platinum upgrade is $2600
Can I add pages to my website after it is finished?
You sure can. Give us a call, and we will add pages when you are ready for them. Some clients actually Prefer to purchase a Silver Website, and then add a page monthly until they have more pages then their average competitor. We highly recommend this.
Can I use more than one domain with this website?
We can definitely point another domain at your main website! That being said, we cannot duplicate the content and host two copies on two domains. This isn’t inline with best SEO or W3 practices.

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