Reputation Shield focuses on several different factors that, together, make up a good online standing. One of these factors is the necessity of knowing what people are saying about your business. Through the use of Reputation Shield’s software, you can easily become more aware than ever of what people are saying about you and where they’re saying it; and you can effortlessly let their voice be heard by answering them.


People are always talking, and it’s time to start listening!

First, let’s look at the impact that reviews and comments have on your business’s overall reputation. We live in a world where the advantages of the internet are becoming more utilized than ever before. Reputation is entirely based on what people are saying, and the internet is the place to find that out. It’s extremely important to know what people have to say about your business, so that you can continue to focus on areas of praise, and improve on areas where you were criticized. With Reputation Shield, you can get a very close look at every review and mention about your business, monitor your mentions, reply directly to the customer, and much more. As previously stated, Reputation Shield covers a number of aspects in order to improve and maintain your business’s reputation. One of these factors, aptly named Reviews, deals with all the reviews given to and about your business. The Manage Reviews tab in this category allows you to see all of your business’s reviews. First, you are shown the overall average rating for your business. You can see the total amount of reviews, as well as the specific amounts of positive, neutral, and negative reviews. The quality of each review is determined by the amount of stars given—ranging from 5 stars to 1 star—and you have the option to filter reviews to see only the ones with a specified amount of stars. For example, if you’re looking for ways to improve your business, you can choose to filter your search so that you only see negative reviews, which are determined by having 0-2 stars. You can also choose to filter these reviews so that you only see ones from a specific site. This is very handy, because not all review sites are relevant to what you’re looking for. Let’s look at the example of a review site called Glassdoor. Reviews left on this site are tailored specifically for employees at a business. Reviewers explain pros and cons of working in their position at the company, and they can also give advice to management. This would be useful if you’re only be looking for ways to improve the work environment for your employees, or to improve the reputation of your business’s work environment so that you can hire more employees and expand your business. However, if you’re only looking for ways to improve your customers’ experiences with your business, you would want to filter out Glassdoor’s reviews. This is why Reputation Shield allows you to filter out any reviews and tailor your management of reviews to your own specific needs. The ability to reply directly to reviews from Reputation Shield’s software is an additional feature. Replying to reviews is an extremely important part of maintaining a good online reputation. When you receive a negative review and feel that responding to it would increase your quality of service and improve the customer’s overall experience, it’s a good idea to go with your gut and respond. With Reputation Shield’s Reviews feature, you can find any review and easily respond to it. This eliminates the chore of going through all of your reviews on all the different sites to find a specific review. The Generate Reviews tab, also under the Reviews section, is an extremely convenient feature. Many businesses struggle with getting reviews in the first place. With Reputation Shield’s built-in review request, you don’t need to do anything but copy the link and/or example email into your clipboard and send it to your customers. Reputation Shield alerts you when someone has left a review by using the link you sent to them.

Reviews are an excellent way to find out what your customers are saying about you.

Another very important aspect of keeping up a good online reputation is knowing what people are saying, not just to you, but about you as well. This is why Reputation Shield has a section for Mentions. This feature is pretty simple—it allows you to see what people are saying about you on several different social networking sites. This is different from looking at your reviews because many times, people would rather tweet or post about their experience with your business than leave a review. In the Monitor Mentions tab, you can choose to look at your mentions from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and others. You might see a window at the top of this page informing you that no mentions have been left because you haven’t entered any relevant keywords into the system. Relevant keywords allow you to search for posts where those words have been mentioned, so that all the other posts are filtered out. You can enter keywords and common names in the Settings tab, and you can search for specific mentions in the Search Mentions tab. Keeping up a good reputation is essential to any business, and with Reputation Shield, you can easily see what people are saying about you on a variety of social media sites. You can monitor your reviews and mentions, filter and search for any specific comments, and reply to them—all conveniently located within the same site. Boosting your online standing and maintaining a good name is what Reputation Shield is all about!