Reviews affect your business in a way that no other factor can.

We recognize that there are innumerable factors which contribute to your online standing, and it can be a lengthy process to monitor each of these factors. Review Management is the part of Reputation Shield’s software that deals with–you guessed it–the management of your business’s reviews. It contains several smaller facets which further help to improve and maintain a good reputation for your business. The idea behind Review Management is to ensure that no details are left out in this protection process, and one of the factors that tends to be forgotten is the need to generate reviews. Most small businesses struggle with getting reviews in the first place. Managing reviews is important, but how can you manage reviews if there are none? That’s where Reputation Shield’s Review Generation feature comes in.  

Requesting reviews from your customers is like a smaller business deal–your customers get the chance to tell you their degree of satisfaction, and you get publicity and authentication for your business.

Through the use of Reputation Shield’s Review Generation feature, we offer the ability to easily request reviews from any and all of your customers. Review Generation ensures that you are optimizing the protection of your business’s online standing. Under the Generate Reviews tab in the Reputation Shield software, you can see the url link where a customer would leave a review, as well as an example email to request reviews. All you need to do is copy either the link or the example email onto your clipboard, and then paste it into an email to send to your customers. This eliminates the need for you to create one of your own, and you can send it straight from Reputation Shield’s software. You will be alerted by Reputation Shield when someone has left a review by using the link you sent to them. It’s really that simple—no more worrying about trying to get more reviews for your business!