Subscriptions and Visits – How Do I Get More?

It’s a problem nearly every business manager faces: you have a functioning website that you pay good money to keep up, but no one seems to want to subscribe to it! There’s no guaranteed, step-by-step guide to getting more subscribers because you can’t force people to sign up for news on your business. Fortunately, there are certain measures you can take to improve your chances of customers wanting to subscribe to your website or blog. You’ll want to take into consideration where the majority of your website traffic comes from, as well as where your referrals come from. If you tend to get a lot of business from a weekly or monthly emailed newsletter, you will want to focus on that. However, the reality is that emailed newsletters and promotions are quickly becoming outdated. We now have the option to filter out any emails as spam with just a few easy clicks, and many people may sign up for a newsletter with the intent to read it as often as it’s sent out—but soon it becomes just another unnecessary email clogging up their inbox. Essentially, if you don’t already have an emailed newsletter, or if yours doesn’t seem to be doing well, don’t focus on getting one or improving it. With that said, you should always make sure that anything you post on your site has a very simple link for a person to sign up to receive news from your business via email; because even though it is becoming less common, allowing email subscriptions will still open doors for more business.

Blog Posts – Content Marketing

Many websites get a lot of hits from blog posts, and judging by the way technology has been changing, this could very well be where your future in subscriptions and content marketing lies. As previously mentioned in a few of our other posts, keeping your blog posts regularly updated with new content is essential in creating more website traffic, more subscriptions, more business, and so many other things. We cannot stress enough the benefits of frequently posting on your website’s blog. Now that we’ve discussed the importance of a blog for your website, we are back to the original question: how do I get people to subscribe? The answer lies in several different methods, and it will be up to you to decide which methods to deploy. Just as the future of blog posts is growing, so too is the future of social media. Configuring your blog posts to be shared by any current subscribers or followers on sites such as Facebook or Twitter will have an enormous impact on the amount of subscribers you receive. If your post is shared by just one person on social media, it can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people; and the likelihood is that several of them will be highly interested in what you have to say. Sharing your posts on your business’s own social media accounts will also raise awareness of the existence of your blog, and by extension, your website. Staying up to date with current trends in website traffic is essential. You may want to consider putting a QR code on anything you distribute manually, such as informational pamphlets or business cards. This is a quick and fun way for a customer to view your website, and if they like what they see, chances are that you’re in for a subscription. Again, always make sure that the option to subscribe is on nearly every page of your website, if not every single page; and that the link is made simple. Many people will be turned off to a subscription if it’s too much of a hassle. There are a few small ways of reducing the amount of unsubscribing patrons as well. Many people unsubscribe because they think the emails they receive are too frequent, so providing them with an option to choose how often they receive emails will save you a huge number of lost subscribers. You should also try to keep the titles of your posts very concise and interesting, as well as the first few sentences, because these are what readers see first and will make their initial judgments from. The goal in many of these ways of improving your website is always, ultimately, to build your business. Increasing the number of subscriptions on your website will increase traffic on your website, which will lead to more business activity. Don’t get discouraged if your number of subscriptions are low—just remember that there are so many ways you can fix it!

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